Hi, my name is Ana Pérez. I have a Master's degree in Leadership for Sustainable Communities from Alvernia University, and I graduated from Wilkes University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Design and Media Art and two associate degrees from Luzerne County Community; one is in Graphic Design & Advertising, and the other is in Computer Graphics & New Media. 
"If you work on something everyday,
 you will end up doing something massive.
     I am a self-motivated designer who loves challenges. I also enjoy exploring, traveling, writing, reading books, watching documentaries, and learning new things. I respect deadlines, and I am committed to pushing myself by constantly trying to learn new software and design techniques. I love every step of the design process. Whether doing research or creating the actual design or project, I enjoy every part of the process.
Fun Facts about me:
* I have a beautiful and intelligent baby girl.
* I'm the owner and creator of De Ruta, a Facebook page designed to inspire Hispanic speakers to travel and explore the world. 
* I have two cats (Kali and Kana). 
* I'm currently writing and illustrating my first children's book called Grandma's House. 
I am a creator. I'm constantly creating new ideas and thinking of my next project.
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